Package org.sakaiproject.tool.gradebook

Interface Summary
CommonGradeRecord CommonGradebookRecordImpl uniquely identifies student grade records on both CL and Legacy data sources
CourseGradesToSpreadsheetConverter Interface to let institutions intercept course grade spreadsheet download requests.

Class Summary
AbstractGradeRecord AbstractGradeRecord is the abstract base class for Grade Records, which are records of instructors (or the application, in the case of autocalculated gradebooks) assigning a grade to a student for a particular GradableObject.
Assignment An Assignment is the basic unit that composes a gradebook.
AssignmentGradeRecord An AssignmentGradeRecord is a grade record that can be associated with an Assignment.
Comment Comment Object Author:Louis Majanja Date: Oct 20, 2006 Time: 10:56:34 AM
CourseGrade A CourseGrade is a GradableObject that represents the overall course grade in a gradebook.
CourseGradeRecord A CourseGradeRecord is a grade record that can be associated with a CourseGrade.
GradableObject A GradableObject is a component of a Gradebook for which students can be assigned a GradeRecord.
Gradebook A Gradebook is the top-level object in the Sakai Gradebook tool.
GradebookArchive Models a gradebook and all of its dependent objects, which can all be serialized as xml for archiving.
GradeMapping A GradeMapping provides a means to convert between an arbitrary set of grades (letter grades, pass / not pass, 4,0 scale) and numeric percentages.
GradingEvent A log of grading activity.
GradingEvents Represents the grading events for a group of students in a particular gradebook
LetterGradeMapping Deprecated.  
LetterGradePlusMinusMapping Deprecated.  
PassNotPassMapping Deprecated.  
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