Package org.sakaiproject.tool.gradebook.facades.sakai2impl

Class Summary
AuthnSakai2Impl Sakai2 implementation of the gradebook's Authn facade.
AuthzSakai2Impl An implementation of Gradebook-specific authorization needs based on a combination of fine-grained site-scoped Sakai permissions and the shared Section Awareness API.
BaseEntityProducer Utility class that provides safe defaults for all EntityProducer methods.
ContextManagementSakai2Impl Gets the current context for a gradebook inside sakai2.
EventTrackingServiceSakai2Impl Author:Louis Majanja Date: Feb 22, 2007 Time: 3:35:45 PM a sakai implementation of the EventTrackingService facade
GradebookConfigurationSakai Sakai-specific add-on to the vanilla configuration bean.
GradebookEntityProducer Implements the Sakai EntityProducer approach to integration of tool-specific storage with site management.
UserDirectoryServiceSakai2Impl Sakai2 implementation of the gradebook UserDirectoryService API.
XmlImportable A simple generic wrapper to add new types of importable objects without needing to subclass each of them.

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