Interface Authn

All Known Implementing Classes:
AuthnSakai2Impl, AuthnStandaloneImpl, AuthnTestImpl

public interface Authn

Facade to abstract external authentication services. Since this is an application-wide singleton pointing to an otherwise opaque service, we do not assume that the authenticator has access to (for example) an up-to-date fully constructed FacesContext.

Method Summary
 String getUserUid()
 void setAuthnContext(Object whatToAuthn)

Method Detail


String getUserUid()
an ID uniquely identifying the currently authenticated user in a site, or null if the user has not been authenticated.


void setAuthnContext(Object whatToAuthn)
whatToAuthn - the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest or javax.portlet.PortletRequest for which authentication should be checked. Since they don't share an interface, a generic object is passed.

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