Package org.sakaiproject.component.section.sakai

Class Summary
CourseManagerImpl Sakai implementation of CourseManager.
EnrollmentRecordImpl A detachable EnrollmentRecord for persistent storage.
InstructorRecordImpl A detachable InstructorRecord for persistent storage.
ParticipationRecordImpl A base class of ParticipationRecords for detachable persistent storage.
SectionAwarenessImpl A sakai based implementation of the Section Awareness API, using the grouping capability of the framework as the persistence mechanism.
SectionCmMetadataSynchronizer Updates sakai's section metadata with the latest section information from the CM service.
SectionEnrollmentsImpl A data structure that keeps the UI layer from needing to know how the SectionManager service packages up the section enrollment information for a course.
SectionManagerImpl A sakai-based implementation of the Section Management API, using the new grouping capability of the framework.
TeachingAssistantRecordImpl A detachable TeachingAssistantRecord for persistent storage.

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