Package org.sakaiproject.component.section

Class Summary
AbstractPersistentObject Base class for most of the hibernate-persisted classes in this implementation.
CourseImpl A detachable Course for persistent storage.
CourseManagerHibernateImpl Hibernate implementation of CourseManager.
CourseSectionImpl A detachable CourseSection for persistent storage.
EnrollmentRecordImpl A detachable EnrollmentRecord for persistent storage.
InstructorRecordImpl A detachable InstructorRecord for persistent storage.
LearningContextImpl A base class of LearningContexts for detachable persistent storage.
ParticipationRecordImpl A base class of ParticipationRecords for detachable persistent storage.
SectionAwarenessHibernateImpl Hibernate based implementation of SectionAwareness.
SectionEnrollmentsImpl A data structure that keeps the UI layer from needing to know how the SectionManager service packages up the section enrollment information for a course.
SectionManagerHibernateImpl A standalone implementation of the Section Management API.
TeachingAssistantRecordImpl A detachable TeachingAssistantRecord for persistent storage.
UserImpl A detachable User for persistent storage.

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