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Uses of AbstractPersistentObject in org.sakaiproject.component.section

Subclasses of AbstractPersistentObject in org.sakaiproject.component.section
 class CourseImpl
          A detachable Course for persistent storage.
 class CourseSectionImpl
          A detachable CourseSection for persistent storage.
 class EnrollmentRecordImpl
          A detachable EnrollmentRecord for persistent storage.
 class InstructorRecordImpl
          A detachable InstructorRecord for persistent storage.
 class LearningContextImpl
          A base class of LearningContexts for detachable persistent storage.
 class ParticipationRecordImpl
          A base class of ParticipationRecords for detachable persistent storage.
 class TeachingAssistantRecordImpl
          A detachable TeachingAssistantRecord for persistent storage.
 class UserImpl
          A detachable User for persistent storage.

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