Sakai 2.2.3 Open Issues

The following list of unresolved issues for Sakai 2.2.3 was created on 15 January 2007. An up-to-date version of this list is always available from Jira, Sakai's issue management system, at

Key Summary
SAK-144 Currently irrelevant & calendar.delete permissions
SAK-185 NPE on login when user has no password
SAK-544 Schedule printing to PDF mangles international characters
SAK-686 Error handling for News Tool duirng setup
SAK-705 Update "Sakai Menubar" help
SAK-725 Move and enhance help for Presentation tool
SAK-808 Typo in context-sensitive help - II
SAK-945 News page gets internal scrollbars
SAK-958 Recent Chat Messages tool does not show recent messages from new chat room
SAK-988 Presentation tool interface not consistent
SAK-1051 Customized page order gets reset if tools are added using worksite setup
SAK-1128 When adding an item, 'Copyright Information' field should only appear if custom type is selected
SAK-1162 JSF tag sakaix:pager producing non-Style-Guide-compliant HTML
SAK-1241 RSS News tool fails to update correctly
SAK-1263 Help for Site Info Incomplete
SAK-1306 WebDAV Folder Creation Issues for Mac OS 10.1-3
SAK-1334 HELP: Various; FF Issue, No Results Issue, Edit Issue, etc.
SAK-1357 Problems uploading/editing Resources with non-standard characters
SAK-1368 Rename of folder via Resources not reflected in WebDAV
SAK-1428 No options for slide ordering - alphabetic sorting sometimes inappropriate
SAK-1456 removing a user does not remove realm permissions
SAK-1514 Email notifications for announcements silently fail if the user adding the announcement has an empty email address
SAK-1531 Make it possible to add an existing item to resources
SAK-1554 archive does not save gradebook
SAK-1563 serverId cannot have a space in its name
SAK-1620 Presentation tool flaky during 'Show'
SAK-1632 Order of tools in menu on left is inconsistent
SAK-1660 Need efficient method for expanding all content collections
SAK-1662 Help format inconsistent cont.
SAK-1680 extra line break added in base64 encoded value
SAK-1716 Removing Components from Sakai Source can cause unstable behavior
SAK-1720 Mysql performance problems
SAK-1723 out of memory error occurred when accessing presentation tool
SAK-1735 Accessibility--WYSIWYG Editor Focus
SAK-1739 Ability to have more than one tool on a page
SAK-1760 can't display MathML in HTML page in Resources
SAK-1775 Email Archive sometimes incorrectly wraps URLs across multiple lines
SAK-1840 email notification format problems
SAK-1842 unpackID in sampleRealm provider does not work with ID's generated by SiteAction
SAK-1944 Copy/Move Pool: top-level destination needs to match spec
SAK-2007 Schedule / import from outlook
SAK-2015 Foreign Character Encoding Issue
SAK-2045 Presentation area does not recognize Presentations folder when it has been renamed "Presentations" from something else
SAK-2049 Next Slide link still shows on last slide in Presentation
SAK-2097 Design spec does not match implementation for News tool
SAK-2219 Text in Help
SAK-2297 File upload needs to support deployment on a cluster
SAK-2318 e-mail attachments should have certain html elements blocked in some cases
SAK-2328 Replacing Resource does not update URL, so name and mime-type may become incorrect
SAK-2440 Arcihve any EntityProducer that has support
SAK-2471 When creating a Sakai Site through web services do not automatically add the admin to the site
SAK-2473 Web services sessions don't show up in Sakai sessions list
SAK-2516 Lining out the columns in Grading table
SAK-2568 Presentation Tool description Needed
SAK-2612 Validation warning about & in URL parameters
SAK-2624 too many tries to get a unique id when copying resources
SAK-2626 Remove IU-specific link
SAK-2628 Folder 'Edit Properties' meaningless for users
SAK-2654 new event date - shouldn't it default to the date viewed in daily calendar
SAK-2730 Accessibility--Tools Accesskey doesn't work consistently
SAK-2733 Accessibility--Need additional headings in content
SAK-2743 Confusing alert placement
SAK-2761 Presentation Tool Help Content Incomplete
SAK-2773 Accessibility--Worksite Accesskey starts with "Logout" button
SAK-2789 Revise and Delete permissions do not work as expected
SAK-2878 To verb or not to verb?
SAK-2887 Presentation tool gives exception when users join an ongoing presentation
SAK-2889 Updates to Chat room do not change for "student" user
SAK-2916 If a student logs in who has not been assigned to any section, under "View my sections" the message that says there are no sections in this course, which isn't technically correct.
SAK-2928 Sites with more than 10 Announcements do not display properly (sort order is wrong, sorts wrong group of announcements)
SAK-2977 Edit Merged Schedule items from MyWorkspace Schedule
SAK-3011 Presentation tool case-sensitive in looking for "Presentations" folder.
SAK-3014 Spelling error
SAK-3016 Foreign Character Encoding Issue
SAK-3032 In Roster tool, clicking on profile of student and then on his homepage results in error
SAK-3051 Duplicate Alert if invalid RSS field is entered
SAK-3061 applet jsf tag renderer incorrectly renders or ignores attributes for object and embed tag output
SAK-3063 CSS / javascript errors
SAK-3094 Awkward UI in Worksite setup
SAK-3103 Add Announcement hangs; creates duplicate entries
SAK-3151 My Profile - change wording of pull-down menu shown in search results
SAK-3158 creating web content inadvertently linking to something that breaks out of frames can shut you out of your site
SAK-3172 Alert Message for too long of a Title needs fixing
SAK-3173 Page "jumps" when copyright information changes
SAK-3208 Ann - After adding an announcement, the list gets sorted by date (oldest - recent)
SAK-3296 Site ID displayed instead of Site Title
SAK-3297 Official Photo (University Id Picture) is not shown.
SAK-3420 Inconsistency with button types in Membership (unjoin site)
SAK-3498 Need way to prevent site owners from overwriting their role status when adding participants
SAK-3517 Message about updating participants shown to non-maintain users
SAK-3521 Locations do not show site titles
SAK-3545 site browser needs to be able to sort on term
SAK-3552 Attaching html documents from Resources breaks internal relative URLs
SAK-3564 Brittle formating for maualy entered rosters in worksitesetup
SAK-3568 Roster viewIDphoto could allow unauthorized views of ID photos
SAK-3581 email rejection message does not indicate which site the mail was not delivered to
SAK-3590 Page navigation buttons unecessarily shown
SAK-3617 Multilingual character in Workspace Info title problematic with oracle
SAK-3645 TAs are listed in "Assignment List by Student"
SAK-3651 Worksite description ( should resize if displaying description
SAK-3670 Template worksites available via worksite setup
SAK-3672 Over-quota message is misleading and uninformative
SAK-3673 ResouceChanged Email Notification Tweaks
SAK-3703 Option show "Assigment List by Student" lists others besides students in spreadsheet
SAK-3711 Roster contains hard coded language string
SAK-3723 Multiple WebDAV protocol compliance issues
SAK-3792 Users can download from unpublished site using direct link
SAK-3793 SAKAI_EVENT table is unmanageable
SAK-3794 SAKAI_SESSION table is unmanageable
SAK-3804 Long URLs do not wrap, creating horizontal scrollbar in Resources
SAK-3807 Revising announcement changes list sort order
SAK-3809 MOTD doesn't respect <br> tag
SAK-3824 Calendar templates make assumptions about date formats (I18N)
SAK-3825 chef_dateselectionwidget makes assumptions about date format (I18N)
SAK-3835 Make info under Help action item in Presentation toolbar more easily modifyable in Help
SAK-3861 Profile
SAK-3903 Excessive whitespace and tabs in generated HTML
SAK-3909 'not show previous page' not full-proof. user can re-enter exam and see all pages again
SAK-3913 When two entries with the same title are created concurrently, one entry is discarded
SAK-3916 Access servlet does not support Last-Modified or If-Modified-Since HTTP headers
SAK-3917 Roster / Size limitation on profile
SAK-3930 Roster incorrectly sorts international characters (I18N)
SAK-3932 Printable calendar does not show full time range for date, only current view range
SAK-3933 Fields Added in Schedule do not appear on Printable Schedule
SAK-3959 Finish button still enabled when there are no attachments in ATTACH_LINKS mode
SAK-3984 High level and sublel folder moves are not permitted - irrelevant alert message
SAK-3986 Help guide has no mention of Groups
SAK-3996 empty navIntraTool div included when not required
SAK-4010 Customized page layout gets reset if tools are added using worksite setup
SAK-4039 Drop Box name does not change even if the Students account name changes in Site Info or Account
SAK-4047 Site tabs become invisble/inaccessible when Firefox window is not maximized
SAK-4054 In the Resource Picker Helper a new file will be selected regardless of the file type limiter.
SAK-4069 FCK Editor - spell check marked in FF
SAK-4077 "Adminstration Worksite" no longer shows up in tabs of admin user by default
SAK-4080 Import Materials from a File reveals an error.
SAK-4097 contains unessesary logging
SAK-4112 Translation breaks permissions
SAK-4129 Samigo: published assessment disappear
SAK-4146 headscript.js setMainFrameHeight doesn't respect urls that have named anchors
SAK-4148 XML Export - does not validate against QTI IMS V1.2 DTD due to <br/> tags
SAK-4149 XML Export - does not validate against QTI IMS V1.2 DTD due to missing ident attribute in extra response_label elements
SAK-4169 News tool doesn't understand gzip-encoded HTTP responses
SAK-4183 When adding/dropping attachments, event gets modified when the edit is cancelled
SAK-4206 Missing period for Wiki description/terse description for presentation tool
SAK-4238 Behaviour when joining a site with role function "site.visit" disabled
SAK-4244 public view options should be consistant between tools
SAK-4258 Date Picker in Tests and Quizzes doesn't work in Netscape 8.0.x
SAK-4264 If you exceed the upload limit mutiple alerts are generated
SAK-4285 Recovery instructions from error report messages difficult to undertsand
SAK-4304 Confusing location of Site Resources when attaching to Assignments
SAK-4314 Foreign language characters are bad displayed in bulk download in Assignments
SAK-4315 When grading in Assignments, 'asn.submit.submission' events are logged to SAKAI_EVENT instead of 'asn.grade.submission'
SAK-4339 Gradebook, Add Assignment takes invalid date inputs.
SAK-4344 preview of questions in qpools is inadequate
SAK-4347 Removing attachment from Announcement does not delete it from storage
SAK-4371 Bring JSF examples page up to date
SAK-4379 SQL Warning for null database values
SAK-4385 In "Show Properties" page, clicking on a folder of item's path leads to an error
SAK-4407 References to Calendar in Schedule should be to Schedule
SAK-4415 jsf errors in mouseover headers
SAK-4428 Question creation state remembered after canceling
SAK-4441 Session timeout causes wiki data loss
SAK-4508 Inconsistency in 'Add Attachment' Layout
SAK-4510 Email notification level doesn't "stick" in draft
SAK-4511 Merged annoucements don't show in "Recent Announcements"
SAK-4515 Error alert for empty title calls it a "subject".
SAK-4530 JLDAPDirectoryProvider suspected to leak LDAPConnection in some conditions
SAK-4534 Conflicting messages when adding students to a section when roles/permissions are not configured correctly
SAK-4544 tags and special characters in site description breaks site info
SAK-4546 Columns in spreadsheet export are unsorted
SAK-4551 toolOrder.xml file incompatible with page ordering shown under Sites
SAK-4556 The Publish confirmation dialogs are unformatted
SAK-4557 use of 'sql-type' in <column> element of hibernate hbm files removes DB independence
SAK-4564 more drop-down disappears from tab menu
SAK-4566 NPE from LoginTool
SAK-4580 navigating to a series of sub folders with long names mucks up the breadcrumb
SAK-4609 WebDAV issues redirects for bookmark content types
SAK-4646 Copyrighted image files in resources do not show up in presentation
SAK-4650 Startup exception: unsuccessful table alteration
SAK-4652 Descriptions of certain tools in Site info and Worksite Setup are terse
SAK-4653 Admin MyWorkspace Merge of announcements (MOTD) overwrites old announcements
SAK-4654 Inconsistency in location description
SAK-4680 Unexpected error message
SAK-4845 Incorect parameters for method on Area API and implementation
SAK-4922 table inside h4 tag is invalid HTML
SAK-4967 Typo in Private Message Area
SAK-4969 Clicking on a Resources folder title or icon does not expand or take you into that folder.
SAK-4970 Need add lock icon for used files.
SAK-4977 Chat room does not update
SAK-4980 Schedule recurring event end date inconsistient
SAK-5008 Adding participants failed at worksite setting up
SAK-5038 Tool Title and Page Title are swapped
SAK-5046 Accessibility--Cannot tab to "Display to public" button on Add Announcements Page
SAK-5053 WebDAV fails when renaming resources
SAK-5063 Sakai's WebDAV server fails protocol compliance check
SAK-5077 Empty response instead of 404 not found for invalid URLs
SAK-5078 Worksite setup under My Workspace / sort by creation date is not working correctly
SAK-5101 Dublicate code in Subversion
SAK-5105 Can't open copyrighted files with '+' in the filename
SAK-5115 option to view # of announcements in synoptic view display limits not working
SAK-5143 Copyright I agree form/page keeps coming up when opening a copyrighted resource
SAK-5146 saving a topic as draft in a forum with draft status changes the forum to available
SAK-5147 some assignment scores don't get pushed to the gradebook
SAK-5151 Creating a new user 'admin' is in the new user name field by default. Also cannot cancel out of this with first click on Cancel
SAK-5153 Root folder should have a different icon type
SAK-5155 Resources / action link should match page title
SAK-5162 Bad RSS feed address creates silent error during site edit
SAK-5165 uploads over max size generate incorrect alert
SAK-5166 profile.css no longer required (can be removed)
SAK-5188 Clean up JSF components and document usage
SAK-5196 Subselects in DbAuthzGroupService causes mysql performance problems
SAK-5197 Subselects in presence service causes mysql performance problems
SAK-5204 On Resources tool, every user operation upon page causes page to redraw from top, so user has to repeatedly find the area she wants
SAK-5207 Unexpected behaviour by profile search in IE
SAK-5216 Chinese incompliance in Syllabus
SAK-5224 Chinese incompliance in Title and Catagory name
SAK-5246 Resources from sites are not showing up in public view when they should
SAK-5248 Adding questions to a Part of an assessment, adds it as question 1, no matter where you attempt to insert it
SAK-5254 Giving a user maintain in a site should override group permissions immediately - it takes 5 minutes for maintain to take effect
SAK-5258 email archive allows restricted names
SAK-5261 Formatted text error in syllabus places error at bottom of screen
SAK-5274 MF username lookup doesn't use getDisplayName
SAK-5277 Import assessment throws an NPE
SAK-5283 news / more informative slightly less cryptic error message
SAK-5292 Undeploy of tool sometimes causes destruction of core component beans
SAK-5295 group aware entity notification being sent to entire site
SAK-5308 Sorting in Status column does not sort properly
SAK-5313 Configuration/version-related UTF8 issues with Oracle databases
SAK-5317 title of resource different in web vs webdav view for duplicated items
SAK-5322 user can alter URL to get to Add Item area in Resources when does not have permission
SAK-5323 Add Part takes > 30 seconds to load
SAK-5329 "Icon URL" input allows quotation mark, followed by extraneous javascript
SAK-5332 Long ID Label for creator and modified by labels
SAK-5338 Cluster service should not access SAKAI_PRESENCE table directly
SAK-5341 Events logged should have unique ID and normalized reference
SAK-5343 Mouse pointer don't change on mouse over for Remove Checked etc in Resources - not consistent with other links
SAK-5345 DbSiteService: Exception is not handled properly
SAK-5349 Incorrect wysiwyg.editor values in cause rendering problems
SAK-5368 creating a contact information form item with e-mail addresses
SAK-5383 Help tool titlebar icons need tooltips
SAK-5387 onkeypress event handlers are an accessibility barrier
SAK-5396 'Browse server' window in FCK Editor intermittently appears not to work
SAK-5397 internal server error when clicking on comments
SAK-5398 cannot move folder into another folder in WebDAV
SAK-5400 GradebookService doesn't provide external ID namespaces for its clients
SAK-5406 No error message on Site Info -> Import from file if import file is larger than content.upload.max
SAK-5408 Grading when no questions have been answered
SAK-5416 Search mistakenly identifies images as containing the search text string
SAK-5417 Editing RWiki comment causes it to be displayed as standard wiki page, not as comment
SAK-5421 Profile remains searchable after user is deleted
SAK-5424 0 questions, 1 question, 2 questions
SAK-5427 extranous "change file type" button for folder revise in resources tool
SAK-5434 inconsistency in javadoc
SAK-5437 OSP Glossary Observer Leaks Database Connections
SAK-5442 Dropbox is missing UI for WebDAV info
SAK-5457 .DS_Store files ending up in content hosting from mac webdav
SAK-5465 discussion revise.own issues
SAK-5467 can't click on checkbox in Resources when viewing empty folder
SAK-5472 Assessment setting for Feedback Component - Student's Question Scores incorrect on import
SAK-5475 import/export - some fields are rendered as string "null"
SAK-5479 Feedback settings change collapses menus
SAK-5482 velocity.log file created in the tomcat root folder
SAK-5484 sessions assigned with already used session ids cause users' events to be combined and presence to be wrong
SAK-5485 UserDirectoryService caching error
SAK-5491 To improve consistency in Help - part II
SAK-5492 Accessibility Help page asks people to use "version xx" of Window-Eyes
SAK-5498 DF/ Locked topics don't permit grading
SAK-5502 The "Update" button on edit question pool page should be disabled until user has made a change
SAK-5507 Form renders incorrectly when label spans multiple lines
SAK-5510 Copy validation for qpools is inconsistent
SAK-5512 selection Feedback field in delivery display null instead of "" (blank)
SAK-5514 Quit message for studnet using published url to login to take test is not correct
SAK-5527 When students review their submitted assessment, "Feedback:" label is seen even when there is no feedback to display
SAK-5528 Announcement attachment removals saved when the edit canceled.
SAK-5529 Announcement ungrouping operations notification error
SAK-5533 The Create Account tool does not focus the cursor on the first field
SAK-5535 can't select "select" in matching question
SAK-5536 CollectionUtil makes direct use of site tables
SAK-5544 Horizontal scrollbar appears in Roster in IE
SAK-5546 Search: XML validation error
SAK-5551 Resources are not duplicated
SAK-5554 Grading option: send to GB selection throw exception
SAK-5558 There is an option to edit the title name of the main resource folder of a site that does not work.
SAK-5561 Some assessment settings got lost during export/import
SAK-5562 Blanks in student scores need better handling
SAK-5570 Remove hard-coded /portal path
SAK-5571 Remove hard-coded /portal path
SAK-5574 how should we validate delivery dates?
SAK-5575 Reverse sort is not implemented in Submission Status page
SAK-5577 Should not be able to create an assessment type with "Feedback will be displayed to the student at a specified date" selected but uncheck the editable checkbox
SAK-5583 image for expansion triangle for Private messages and Discussion Forums should be smaller
SAK-5590 Short Answer questions in student scores don't match spec
SAK-5593 Requesting the invalid URL /portal/tool generates an NPE
SAK-5596 No way to remove redirect from syllabus
SAK-5597 Extraneous colon in column heading (gen.access)
SAK-5603 "InconsistentException changing groups" warning
SAK-5604 Unknown element (attribute) in tag-file
SAK-5605 Authentication to get into Webdav does not appear to work on qa1-za
SAK-5607 Wrong error message displayed to user
SAK-5610 Difference in view between Webdav and resources section of the portal
SAK-5616 Instructor cannot add files to student's drop-box?
SAK-5624 Dialect updates and 2.1 version references
SAK-5627 No validation on "Number of Submissions Allowed" in Edit Assessment Type page
SAK-5629 no place for model short answer in question scores
SAK-5640 Sorting submissions list by Status does not work
SAK-5648 Cannot Copy or Move Folders within a Folder
SAK-5649 Uneven spacing between action links and separators
SAK-5650 Moving a Folder within a Folder generates 'Remove' problem
SAK-5651 User (ieTA) with new permision in group but not site should be able to create folder for group independent of user (instructor) with new permission for site
SAK-5652 Cannot export an imported quiz
SAK-5654 ResourcesAction.buildSelectAttachment (static) : IdUnusedException
SAK-5656 resources / oddities in Location: display when traversing resources
SAK-5663 Resources / email sent to all participants when group is designated
SAK-5669 feedbackfor 0-point questions is wrong
SAK-5670 requests for undefined components to the component manager result in a big nasty stack dump in the logs
SAK-5673 Post 'em / add operation allows 'choose a file' field to be left empty then throws exception when clicking view
SAK-5674 rwiki assumes lower case entityRefs
SAK-5676 List of Events Filter Events button does nothing
SAK-5680 Refresh.User attempts to add user to non-existent sites
SAK-5682 "Display to selects groups" shown to instructor even if instructor can't see groups
SAK-5688 responses are sorted randomly in question scores
SAK-5690 assessment type titles reserved
SAK-5692 In-Line attachments (i.e. links to Sakai entities in HTML based Sakai entities) need to be specially transferred when the entity is transferred or archived
SAK-5693 MySQL and HSQL do not do case sensitive character fields
SAK-5695 SiteService setUserSecurity() and setSiteSecurity() need to validate their parameters for valid sites and users
SAK-5696 clear thread-local after init
SAK-5697 PM assumes FerpaFiltering always true
SAK-5701 Assignment due date is not the same as the date for that assignment in Gradebook
SAK-5705 Need to be able to change the user eid now that we have the id/eid
SAK-5706 Bug report form doesn't include To in the header
SAK-5707 Last Modified Date on Assessments - Core Assessments for listing is not updated (instructor view)
SAK-5714 Missing page heading tag for new site types
SAK-5725 Exception when try to open help - local test build
SAK-5729 Post'em - "Modified By" does not change when post is updated
SAK-5730 BrowseServer under the 'Insert/Edit Link' button in editor should show all file types not just "URL links"
SAK-5734 Samigo - Publsihed Assignments Scores Statistics - failed to call questionScores.
SAK-5742 SAKAI_PERSON_T indexes not created correctly on mysql
SAK-5744 Student can use direct link to download gradebook
SAK-5745 Multiple queries in use subselects, which are suboptimal for mysql
SAK-5747 modified answer to other questions on the same page lost after u remove a uploaded file
SAK-5748 End Time shown as one minute less than actual end time.
SAK-5750 TOC is not useful for one-page assesments
SAK-5752 Grading filters need to be sticky
SAK-5759 Error creating new user type
SAK-5761 James DOS
SAK-5764 GB permissions duplicated in realm
SAK-5765 "Submit as Student" submission not available for grading
SAK-5777 MOTD showing subject though show subject config field set to false
SAK-5778 ToolException / IllegalStateException from Portal / Roster
SAK-5779 failed to disable course site creation, but not project sites
SAK-5780 Certain types of event in Schedule have hyphen hard-coded before their names
SAK-5788 FIll in the Blank question settings are not configured correctly on import/export
SAK-5797 Dav file replace looses meta-data
SAK-5798 Secondary sort order should be alphabetical
SAK-5799 Site setup email to admin uses internal user id
SAK-5800 Add participants should ignore existing users
SAK-5812 Post'em crashes when updating feedback if you press "Back" button
SAK-5813 improperly opened/closed tags in WEB-INF/faces-config.xml.
SAK-5814 CourseManagementProvider using user id instead of eid
SAK-5818 Duplicate site does not update chat channel
SAK-5820 Problem with sakai_2_2_0-2_2_1_mysql_conversion.sql
SAK-5824 Userid column sorted by id rather than eid
SAK-5825 Checks for join/switch sections susceptible to race conditions
SAK-5826 Secondary sort for assigned students in Roster view should be alphabetical
SAK-5827 SakaiLogin appears to be broken in 2.2
SAK-5829 Missing event for leaving / unjoining a section
SAK-5832 gradebook / removing "Include this assignment when calculating final grade" option does not automatically recalculate student's grade
SAK-5833 Adding files to a site in the ' show other sites' option from the resources folder of another site when group aware causes a problem.
SAK-5834 Type mismatch error comes up when copying or moving files that are group aware to other sites.
SAK-5837 SU/becomeUser setting Eid == Id
SAK-5838 James configuration inconsistent with the rest of Sakai.
SAK-5839 Missing keys: gen.first / next / last / previous
SAK-5840 org.sakaiproject.user.api.UserNotDefinedException id=null
SAK-5841 Posting an over-length REF field for an event causes a db write error
SAK-5842 Unable to find component...
SAK-5844 Post'Em does not match consistently on internal ids.
SAK-5845 Post'em displays first student in ABC order, not csv file order on "verify" screen
SAK-5846 Calendar widget window too small in Safari (sometimes Firefox), and cannot be resized
SAK-5848 Duplicate site from Site Info tool doesn't bring over contents in Syllabus, Announcement, Schedule and Assignment
SAK-5849 Email body & attachment being stripped for users using Mac Mail
SAK-5850 Popup label in resources for Created By column doesn't match column title
SAK-5852 form resets when required field is not entered
SAK-5853 Repair Group Aware Assignments <-> Gradebook integration
SAK-5857 resources - site import / files imported in resources don't have the option to be marked as public on import
SAK-5859 Exception calling method doMenu_edit_site_tools
SAK-5860 NPE from encodeAttribute
SAK-5861 Invitation emails go out to 'access' users of an unpublished site
SAK-5862 Conversion script MFR
SAK-5863 worksiteinfo:shortdescription should not output "null" if unset
SAK-5864 Sort by Id column does not work
SAK-5865 announcements / merged announcements don't show in the synoptic announcement tool of the site they are merged into
SAK-5866 PM / log whether a user sends a message as a private message or to recipients' email addresses
SAK-5869 Upgrade Quartz from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 to address cluster issues
SAK-5870 Sakai's pack-demo goal should store binary content in the file system instead of the database
SAK-5871 NPE in StudentViewBean.processJoinSection
SAK-5872 Help tool deploys its ehcache.xml
SAK-5873 Sakai should render for 800x600 screens
SAK-5874 files with same name can get mixed up in qscores
SAK-5876 Refactor HSQL JDBC connection strings to adhere to newer standard
SAK-5877 Firefox audio workaround needs to be in grading too
SAK-5879 Deleting email when using Previous and Next controls deletes message that was entry point from message listing, not currently viewed message
SAK-5883 Upgrade HSQLDB from to
SAK-5884 FCK editor - browsing - 'Browse Server' allows browsing up to group folder in Admin Resources
SAK-5885 Syllabus auto DDL is not compatible with HSQLDB
SAK-5886 SAMigo auto DDL is not compatible with HSQLDB
SAK-5905 Security settings text needs to match new rule
SAK-5907 Grading setting changes when assessment is exported/imported
SAK-5912 grader should be able to see length of audio responses
SAK-5922 OneWayHash failes to complete the encoding
SAK-5925 Question Score page doesn't get rendered correctly when the first question is not answered
SAK-5926 Configure HSQLDB to be more scalable for pack-demo artifact
SAK-5929 Access view using aliases when not logged in causes NPE
SAK-5931 Run Time error when viewing a published Portfolio using a style file that is hidden under Resources
SAK-5934 During delivery, the File Upload page displays an additional check box with no label
SAK-5935 student submissions get mixed up in grading for random draw assessments
SAK-5936 Empty part screws up delivery
SAK-5937 invalidEmailInIdAccountString is case sensitive
SAK-5938 Unparseable search terms generate bug reports
SAK-5940 If a provided user's eid != id, then they show up 2x in the site info participant list
SAK-5941 Spring configuration files have incorrect DTD
SAK-5944 Question not showing up as link in qscores
SAK-5946 An extra question type is displayed for certain types in an imported assessments.
SAK-5947 missing user on qa1-uk
SAK-5948 Consistent Format for Cumulative Score Percentage
SAK-5949 Email channel (and alias) left around and active after the email tool has been removed from a site
SAK-5950 "null" is seen in begin assessment page
SAK-5952 Assigning students into deleted group causes NPE
SAK-5954 Severe performance issues with large sites
SAK-5956 Assignment Tool Exceptions
SAK-5957 Evaluations: Missing workflow options on last page of seq. wizard in project site
SAK-5958 Workflow of sequential wizard
SAK-5966 MC DF / Order of threaded messages is incorrect
SAK-5967 MC DF / Threaded topic toggle is incorrect
SAK-5969 submitting the second page of a two page wizard tries to go to listwizard but gets a 404 page
SAK-5970 Unable to add more than one completed form from a wizard to free form portfolio
SAK-5972 Downloaded free-form portfolio errors when attempting to view a wizard form that had been added
SAK-5973 Feedback and Reflection for whole sequential wizard does not appear immediately after completion
SAK-5983 Update OSP portal code for invoking help
SAK-5984 Forms -- CIG Participant is instructed to add a form even though they don't have the capacity to do so.
SAK-5986 Rich Text catches Ctr-V but not Shift-Insert
SAK-6001 Can't have multiple occurences of element in outline options
SAK-6012 xs:attribute is treated as xs:element
SAK-6013 Cannot add extra instances of form elements whos maxOccurs="unbounded"
SAK-6015 Incorect dependency info in sakai_security_reg.doc
SAK-6021 Duplicate styles appear
SAK-6026 MC Home / Internal anchors needed to return user to the correct location when hiding/showing full description
SAK-6027 MC / Cancelling out of specific screens does not return the user to the originating page
SAK-6029 Home / Announcement display options
SAK-6032 Problems adding participants to groups
SAK-6033 prepareStatement() should not convert Integers to strings
SAK-6037 min & max restrictions on xs:date do not work in form definitions
SAK-6038 Hibernate Session Timeouts seen in search when full index build talking place
SAK-6041 FileNotFoundException triggered segment deleted from central store during sync
SAK-6045 Too Many files open on large indexes
SAK-6050 Item Texts with only images are broken
SAK-6051 A student sees all groups 'info' for a file
SAK-6053 SakaiPortalLogin.jws fails to compile
SAK-6054 Additional CIG Coordinators are unable to revise a matrix created by another CIG Coordinator
SAK-6055 Hitting cancel button when revising a free-form portfolio page deletes the page
SAK-6057 Home page is not the start page in a portfolio-type site
SAK-6058 FCKeditor is problematic in IE when copying and pasting from Word
SAK-6060 Permissions link not shown for admin users or users with site.upd
SAK-6062 Date received data in Evaluations does not appear for sequential and hierarchical wizard pages
SAK-6083 Cannot remove affiliates from site
SAK-6085 Resources / description not added in email notification
SAK-6096 Importing a presentation templates generated a lot of files in repository
SAK-6097 change to some queries hitting sakai_session table will offer huge performance enhancement
SAK-6102 Additional info field of profile not stored above 255 characters
SAK-6105 The 'High-Notification - All Participants' is not working out of any of the tools.
SAK-6106 duplication of matrices
SAK-6108 Web content macros should be URL encoded
SAK-6109 Post'em should not allow duplicate usernames
SAK-6110 Post'em - display "no posts" message instead of empty table
SAK-6113 Chat Fails when sessions are created using web services
SAK-6123 List of Forms displayed in Resources tool should be sorted
SAK-6124 Form name and site name need to be separated with a space
SAK-6126 xs:anyURI no longer works as of 2.2.1
SAK-6127 Exceptions when upload files with Syllabus
SAK-6128 Cannot add new syllabus item (corrupt data in table?)
SAK-6130 HTML Digester appears to be allowing HTML markup into the token stream.
SAK-6148 Unpublished site's resources available for students.
SAK-6149 FCK ieSpell url returing 404 errors
SAK-6151 Files items not alphabetical in Resources
SAK-6154 Language bundle not being loaded for all views
SAK-6155 Evaluator tool shows "back to matrix" button instead of something like "back to submissions to evaluate" button
SAK-6159 Took out the instruction numbers for every question type on add/modify question page
SAK-6160 Admin archive import not bringing in Resources
SAK-6167 If no one with maintainer role in site, can't remove participants
SAK-6185 User with no name + named grading = problem
SAK-6188 wiki / when adding resource link from user's My Workspace Resources, url points to incorrect address
SAK-6189 Validation problems with RWiki RSS 0.9, 1.0 and 2.0
SAK-6193 Remove Default for Portal Secret and Web Services Login
SAK-6196 Restricting search using indexes should have UI improvement
SAK-6197 Search breaks if two operators appear next to each other
SAK-6208 Schedule Tool not Reporting Daylight Savings Changes for Future Events
SAK-6210 Email Notification Displays none or past version description
SAK-6211 False upload size limit exceeded errors when content.upload.max greater than 1787 Mb
SAK-6217 Wiki / import from site
SAK-6219 Course Navigation disappears in IE when window is made smaller
SAK-6220 Digest vs. Separate Notifications are Formatted Differently
SAK-6222 SiteAction.buildContextForTemplate should send Eid to the CourseManagementService, not Id
SAK-6223 WYSIWYG image browser in Samigo doesn't work in all contexts
SAK-6239 For any user created after version 2.2.0, the sitenav and masthead areas of the skin are 'unstable' in their 'My Workspace' worksite when using a custom user type.
SAK-6242 message center / remove permissions from site realm
SAK-6243 Gradebook asterisks * are not red - inconsistency with rest of tools
SAK-6247 Items uploaded using the FCK WYSIWYG file browser that don't contain a file extension fail
SAK-6248 FCKEditor: Broken image in HTML doc if image "Title" and resource ID not the same
SAK-6255 Assignments manually created in Gradebook display wrong date (day -1)
SAK-6256 Control the 'Edit site permissions' link by site.upd as well as realm.upd for wiki
SAK-6259 group aware assignments get deleted if the group is deleted and leave an error message that cannot be taken out of the assignment page.
SAK-6260 When user is member of greater than ~30 worksites, MyWorkspace's Schedule tool cannot print
SAK-6261 Course enrollment doesn't update when viewing the course roster
SAK-6266 news vm errors
SAK-6267 Portfolio Worksite Tools Break After Removing User by Admin
SAK-6268 External group provider provisioning partially ignored if no group provider is enabled
SAK-6270 Confirmation needed when deleting a portfolio page and wizard page
SAK-6274 Javascript allowed in discussion board attachments...
SAK-6275 Discussion board allows javascript event handlers...
SAK-6276 dropbox allows HTML files containing javascript...
SAK-6277 Announcements tool allows attachments containing javascript...
SAK-6278 Announcements tool allows javascript event handlers...
SAK-6279 Non-Student Roles Appear in Grade List for Assignments
SAK-6280 Syllabus tool allows unfiltered HTML attachments...
SAK-6281 Syllabus tool allows javascript event handlers
SAK-6282 News tool allows javascript event handlers in RSS feeds...
SAK-6286 Javascript allowed in image src attribute in discussion board...
SAK-6287 Announcements tool allows javascript in image source attributes...
SAK-6291 total scores pages for assessments get mixed up
SAK-6292 membership joinable site search dead end
SAK-6297 Admin sites tool forgets search fields after each search
SAK-6300 Inviting user by email does not validate email adress
SAK-6301 Inviting user by email does not honor invalidEmailInIdAccountString
SAK-6302 Need error checking for a properly formatted email address
SAK-6304 Publish page does not always show "notify" option
SAK-6305 Guest does not see portfolio presentations
SAK-6306 File Uploads in resources/webdav are available-memory bound
SAK-6319 pool exhausted errors when creating portfolio in OSP Portfolio tool
SAK-6320 Ran into 1000 argument limit in Oracle sql in class with over 1000 users
SAK-6321 In/new column showing incorrect numbers in Assignment list
SAK-6343 order in which Annoucements display.
SAK-6344 Typo in Email Archive
SAK-6346 Scores link for published assessment are gone when navigate from edit core assessment
SAK-6355 resources / folder with arrow icon appears when the total number of resources is > 256
SAK-6359 !user.template permissions are displayed but not applied in Resources tool
SAK-6361 Site-level permissions are deleted when permissions are edited and inherited permissions exist
SAK-6362 !user.template and !site.helper permissions are displayed but not applied in the Forms tool
SAK-6366 when multiple submission scores are sent to gradebook at once, the last submission is sent regardless of grading options.
SAK-6377 wiki / exception in the wiki tool apparently caused by {recent-changes}
SAK-6459 file name problem in dav; dav adds .bin to name in rename
SAK-6465 MIME Type is incorrect - cannot reassociate manually
SAK-6466 Message Center / FCK editor when clicking on read full description
SAK-6490 Syllabus tool allows javascript in redirect URLs
SAK-6491 Cannot upload a file to a blog message
SAK-6500 Message center allows script, iframe, and meta tags
SAK-6501 Message center allows event handlers
SAK-6504 Dataware house logs exception on startup
SAK-6513 Can't import syllabus items from course archive
SAK-6517 Copyright alert incorrectly appearing after migrating content
SAK-6537 OSP Portfolio sends incorrect URL to viewers....
SAK-6541 Can't remove resource file/folder (under Oracle)
SAK-6548 assignments / slow response time after sorting submissions by status
SAK-6549 NPE from getGradebooks
SAK-6558 First uploaded image never displays correctly
SAK-6588 helper tools are showing up in the admin site editor list
SAK-6598 Participants are not added if blank line exists
SAK-6620 EntityContentProducer.getAllContent() returns a java.util.List instead java.util.Iterator
SAK-6622 When downloading a portfolio; long wait followed by an exception
SAK-6623 assignments needs to store submissions by user_id rather than eid
SAK-6635 Event logging problem (SQl exception)
SAK-6639 WYSIWYG Editor not embedding pictures correctly
SAK-6659 CHS.removeResource(String) method incomplete
SAK-6777 problems with metacharacters in FIB questions
SAK-6800 "Resource link" and "Resource embed" not generating correctly URLs for files from Dropboxes or from Other Sites
SAK-6810 mailtool user selection checkbox
SAK-6831 Exported quiz does not want to import
SAK-6832 Wiki pages without returns are not parsed as needing <p> tags
SAK-6871 Missing Submit button in preview assessment screen
SAK-6906 Remove "New Content" from the Rwiki edit screen.
SAK-6926 Forms mixes content for elements with the same name
SAK-6934 Update help files to include Assignments to Gradebook export reference
SAK-6936 Course Owner can submit an assignment as a student but then cannot see it.
SAK-6947 A guest user cannot comment on a portfolio; blank screen and exception
SAK-6968 GlobalTriggerListener saves fired trigger events in memory which can lead to out of memory issues
SAK-6978 Remove extra servlets and SOAP Monitor
SAK-6981 Header row in the gradebook loses css-styled borders in final <th> in IE6
SAK-6984 Last step on Import from Site should say "Finish" instead of "Continue"
SAK-7012 Cannot move or duplicate locked items
SAK-7043 multiple items in formView.xslt not displayed properly
SAK-7044 Postmaster email not forwarded to MTA on localhost
SAK-7047 RWiki external links containing ampersands are broken
SAK-7054 initial value of expire date in presentation creation is date in the past
SAK-7055 Null pointer exception when filling out a hier wizard containing categories without descriptions
SAK-7062 The sequence used for sam_publishedsectionmetadata_t is the same used for the sam_publishedassessment_t
SAK-7108 multiple window on release 2.3
SAK-7115 discrepancy in data in published url will point to a " no where page" when return is hit
SAK-7159 On view some users are occasionally seeing stalled pages (email transcript attached)
SAK-7201 Rwiki update query is slow to exacute
SAK-7238 Possible Injection vunerability in JLDAP
SAK-7251 If a site name has trailing empty space(s), any assessment created in that site is not seen by students
SAK-7310 Using French causes duplicate tools to be listed in sites
SAK-7311 Tool title and descriptions should be internationalized
SAK-7312 Admin cannot use preferences tool
SAK-7315 Error is seen when user tries to update a pool. Happens only when navigate from Add subpool link.
SAK-7338 JLDAPUserDirectoryProvider.findUserByEmail() uses Id instead of Eid
SAK-7348 Kerberos provider setting id instead of eid
SAK-7360 new and new.topic Permission descriptor needs to be clearer in Discussion tool - does not accurately describe functionality
SAK-7364 Unusual characters in Resource ID makes reflection forms unclickable in matrix cells
SAK-7397 Users do not have permissions to view matrix files/forms in a Portfolio presentation.
SAK-7420 Portfolios published from wizards with attached resources have permission issues
SAK-7463 Forms tool allows editing of global forms in a local site instance
SAK-7464 Embedded images in resources not passing through security advisor
SAK-7531 404 error when downloading assignment spreadsheet in a site with "/" in the site title
SAK-7588 FormattedText matches too many times for tags where one is a substring of the other (i and img)
SAK-7590 Resources needs further i18n